Screen Repair & Installation Services

Window Screens

We can re-screen any type of window screen. Also if your frame is bent or broken we can replace it. We also can fabricate a new one if it is missing.

Gazebo Screens

We can re-screen all gazebo screens. Wooden gazebo screens are usually stapled onto the wood with a trim to cover the staples. Or vinyl gazebos have aluminum frames that can be removed and re screened. If your gazebo does not have screens we can install new screens for either style. We use a heavier screening for gazebos because of the large size panels. It is much more durable than standard screening and still has great visibility.


Door Screens

We can re-screen any sliding or hinged screen. We can also fabricate a new sliding screen door if it is missing. Also sliding screen doors often “ fall off the track” we can either adjust the wheels to work properly or install new ones.

Storm Door Screens

We can re-screen or make new screen frames when needed for most doors. Some storm doors now have retractable screens. We can repair them also. We will determine the manufacturer and install the replacement retractable screen.

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